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The Blacks by Robert A. Nelson : A Master Secret of the Professional PsychicThe Blacks
by Robert A. Nelson

A master secret of the professional psychic that previously sold for the equivalent of $185.00 in today's money!

That mysterious, almost mythical billet reading method as used by a select few of the best-informed clairvoyants. One of the most closely held secret routines of the profession, and to the very best of Nelson's information, known to only four living people at the time of writing.

The secret has long been sought by investigators and magicians. In fact, it is alleged that David P. Abbott, author of Behind the Scenes with the Mediums, tried in vain for thirty years to learn the true secret!

Originated and perfected by one of the craftiest brains among the old clairvoyants (now deceased), the effect of THE BLACKS is unbelievable. So subtle and clever is its presentation that it appears to the spectator almost as a real miracle: the actual and true reading of the sealed billets! Of course, such is not the case. But properly performed, it is regarded as the most subtle, clean-cut billet reading method and defies detection.

The sitter is permitted to write three questions on three small index cards, which are placed in small black envelopes. While the cards are held in the spectator's possession, each is answered in turn, immediately afterwards opened, and are verified by the spectator.

No apparatus is used. Only fair question cards and envelopes are used. Preferred by the clairvoyants in case of an attempted arrest, as there was absolutely nothing incriminating to be found anywhere because it just didn't exist!

Each phase has been worked out in a masterful detail. All that's required is the true secret, the cards and envelopes, and a certain amount of skill that can be obtained with a few hours of practice.

Regarded as the ultimate in "no apparatus" sealed billet readings for individual operations where more than one question is answered.

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 565 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

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