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Slyib's Joke Vault

Category: Doctor Jokes

Did It Hurt?

A man who was frightened of dentists delayed seeing one until he had only six teeth left in his mouth.

The dentist examined him and said, "These teeth are finished. Let me do root canal work and all those other things I do, and you'll have a complete new set of choppers in your mouth. Beautiful you'll look, and chewing problems you'll no longer have."

The man was dubious. "I'm a coward when it comes to pain, Doc."

"Who said anything about pain? I'm a painless dentist!"

"You say it, but how do I know it's true?"

"Not to worry," the dentist said. "I did a job exactly like this for another man. I'll give you his name and you can phone him right now. Ask if I caused him any pain."

So the man telephoned Robert Kaplan in Brooklyn. "Mr. Kaplan," he said, "my name is Al Goldstein. You don't know me, but I'm in the office of your dentist and he says he did a big job on your teeth. Is that correct?"

"Correct it is," said Kaplan.

"OK," said Goldstein. "Now I want you to tell me the honest truth. Did it hurt? Tell me, yes or no?"

"A yes or no I can't give you," said Kaplan, "but I can give you a f'rinstance. Every Sunday I go rowing in Prospect Park..."


"So," said Kaplan, "our dentist finished with me in December. Now it's June and it's Sunday and, as usual, I'm in my rowboat on the Prospect Park lake. Suddenly, one of the oars slips away. When I reach over to grab it, my balls get caught in the oarlock.

"Would you believe it, Mr. Goldstein, it was the first time in six months that my teeth didn't hurt!"

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