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Video Magic ebook coverVideo Magic
by Brett "B.W." McCarron

Use your VCR or Blu-Ray player as a video prediction chest!

Add amazing, audience-tested effects to your act, including French Postcards, Jokers Wild, Batter Up!, Break the Bank, Mental Shopping, Lucifer's Lexicon, Movie-ola, Mental Lottery, and many others.

Did you know that your average, off-the-shelf VCR was preset at the factory to perform an amazing prediction effect?

This and other subtle methods are broken into chapters where you'll discover the Three Outs Principle, The Multiple Outs Principle, the Index Principle, The Ultima Principle, and more. The author had previously sold this work only through Micky Hades' Seattle area magic shop, which has since closed. The material in this book is just too good to forget.

Don't own a VCR? No problem! With the advent of smartphones, GoPro cameras, and YouTube, smart performers can perform many of the effects described with other video devices. Savvy mentalists, psychic entertainers and forward-thinking magicians are going to find gold within these pages and put the routines to work.

Here's what Billy McComb, Genii magazine columnist and brilliant performer, said of the first edition of this monumental work:

"Some of you will make reputations with this!"

Originally published as VCR Magic, this new, revised contains new material to bring it up to date to include smart phones, Blu-Ray players, DVDs, laptop computers, Internet video, and more. Every word has been reset in crystal-clear type. Best of all, instead of paying $200 from a collector for the original edition, you can now own the updated and expanded eBook at a bargain price.

PDF format eBook. 97 pages. Revised 2015. ($25 US)

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