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Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen ebook coverSeers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen by B.W. McCarron

Professional mediums, corporate espionage experts, con men, thieves and unfriendly governments all have something in common. They want information: yours!

This book is for anyone who has supplied confidential information (such as date of birth, social security number, banking information, credit card numbers, driver's license information, etc.) to lending institutions, for-profit enterprises or government agencies. Are you doing your best to keep your information secure? Are you unintentionally allowing others to obtain your personal data without your knowledge? What seps can you take to keep your information secure?

Protect yourself and your confidential data from professional data thieves and along the way, you'll begin thinking of way to adapt these devious methods into harmless, yet entertaining routines for your mental or psychic act. Be sure to read it all, as there's a nifty treat for stage mentalists in the conlusion.

39 page PDF edition. An original book, published by Magic World Publishers. ($6 US)

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