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Making Mindreading Pay by Robert A. NelsonMaking Mindreading Pay
by Robert A. Nelson

Learn the inner secrets of how to make a living as a mentalist or psychic entertainer!

The commercial side of this highly lucrative business is revealed in its entirety: contracts, bookings, advertising and exploitation in theatres, clubs, hotels, casinos, fairs, and in private practice.

The entire range of opportunities for psychic entertainers is discussed at length, and with one thought in mind: to make money! Whether you are new in the business or a seasoned pro, this book will mean extra dollars to you.

If you're on the sidelines now, watching others make real money in this profession, and you want to join them, this book will tell you how. And it will show it to you so concretely that you will enter this most profitable and uncrowded field.

PDF format. 66 pages + supplement. Magic World expanded and updated reprint of the original 1956 Nelson Enterprises edition, with new, updated content, including two new sections and numerous corrections. All text has been reset in crystal-clear type. ($8 US)

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