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Not Primigenial by Montandon & Wait

Not Primigenial
by Roger Montandon & Logan Wait

Liven up your act with 26 laugh-provoking magic and mental effects, stunts and bits of business. Especially good is "It's a Matter of Money," which is based on an Annemann principle that uses paper money. It's one you will want to put in your act right away. more...

The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope by Dariel Fitzkee

The Only Six Ways to Restore A Rope
by Dariel Fitzkee

Create your own custom versions of the popular cut and restored rope effect! Fitzkee applies his world-renowned "Trick Brain" method to completely analyze and dissemble the Cut and Restored Rope effect, allowing the creative magician to ... More...

Original Ideas in Magic by Lloyd W. Chambers

Original Ideas in Magic
by Lloyd W. Chambers

A master magic craftsman reveals some of his most prized effects! Lloyd W. Chambers is well-known in magic and collector circles for having built some very fine examples of the conjuror's craft for the likes of Thayer, Abbott, and his own Chambers Magic Co.

This ebook details the inner workings of 26 magic effects, many offered for sale individually in dealer catalogues for prices far exceeding the price of the entire book! More...

Out of the Spook Cabinet (REVISED EDITION) by Herman L. Weber

Out of the Spook Cabinet
by Herman L. Weber

Learn from a master spook show operator about the REAL way to haunt a theatre with convincing ghost, spook and blackout effects that will scare the YELL out of your audience. More...

Patriotic Magic by Solomon Stein

Patriotic Magic
by Solomon Stein

Show love for your country, audience or corporate sponsor by adding one or more patriotic effects, tips or suggestions to your program. Here are 22 ideas, effects and routines you will USE! More...

Sideshow and Animal Tricks by Hereward Carrington

Sideshow and Animal Tricks
by Hereward Carrington

Step right up, folks! See Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy, the Wild Man of Borneo, the Fire-Breathing Man, and that's just for starters! Learn the inner secrets of the sideshow including fire walking, animal training, ventriloquism, special stage effects, and even the inside secrets of the professional card sharps. More...

Silk Creations by Joe Ovette

Silk Creations
by Joe Ovette

Stage magician Joe Ovette reveals the inner workings of his famous silk act in this 77-page book. You'll find productions, vanishes, color changes and more. Ovette also provides several pro secrets that are worth $20 each to any worker. Routines include Sensational Flag Production; Unusual Silk Combination; Silk Blowing; Aurora Borealis; Silk Transpo; Revamped; Silk and Roses; Educated Goldfish; More...

Silken Secrets by Geo. DeLawrence

Silken Secrets
by Geo. DeLawrence

Silks and scarves add color and glamour to any magic act. Audiences will fall in love with your presentation of the Dancing Handkerchief and other effects described and explained. DeLawrence also includes an entertaining, 15-minute silk act that uses the very methods shown in the book. More...

Spirit Rope Ties by S. W. Reilly

Spirit Rope Ties
by S. W. Reilly

The Spirit Rope Tie, long a staple of bogus spirit séances, is a great way to add fun, humor and mystery into your act. Whether played "straight," recreating a vintage spirit séance, or as a comedic effect that gets funnier with each repetition, any of the rope ties included in the book is strong enough to be a reputation maker for you. In fact, the very first tie described offers a lightning fast, instantaneous release, despite the knots being tied by an audience volunteer! More...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann

Stretching A Rope
by Milbourne Christopher

What a fantastic effect! The performer exhibits a three foot length of rope and mysteriously begins to S-T-R-E-T-C-H it to an unbelievable 20 feet.

Completely revised, these greatly enlarged instructions include BOTH of Milbourne Christopher's exclusive methods for stretching a rope to many times its original length. No hidden reels, magnets, or special rope needed. Regular, soft cotton magician's rope works fine for this. More...

Theatre of Blood by Dr. Doom

Theatre of Blood
by Dr. Doom

Make your next Halloween party or haunted house an event to remember!

Dr. Doom reveals secrets of his Theatre of Blood professional haunted house attraction. Illusions, effects, costuming, makeup, sound effects and more are discussed. Everything you need for a successful and scary house of horrors. Newly revised, with nearly 20 pages of new content, including new sections on merchandising, new scenes and attractions and ... More...

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks by Arthur P. Felsman

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks
by Arthur P. Felsman

Here's a clever book of after-dinner magic to entertain friends, business associates, and even total strangers. Written by a famous Chicago magic dealer, the effects run the gamut from close-up miracles to routines for club and platform. You'll find entertaining matrix effects, cut and restored mysteries, mindreading experiments, and much more. Includes a very nice two-person mental act that could be the hit of your next corporate show, banquet, or awards dinner.... More...

Three Publicity Trix by Howard P. Albright

Three Publicity Trix
by Howard P. Albright

As a thank you for supporting Magic World Publishers, we are pleased to offer a FREE PDF digital manuscript, containing three top-notch gems of mystery by Howard P. Albright. Good tricks in themselves, yet they also get you free advertising each time you perform them. More...

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