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Effervescent Effects by Julius Hopkins

Effervescent Effects
by Julius Hopkins

Here's a book that belongs on every magician's digital book shelf. Inside are 48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers. One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator.

"Dollar Discernment" is also exceptionally clever as a mental test. We believe entertainers will make great use of it for those situations where they are asked to perform and have no props with them. Good stuff! . . .More...

Enthusiastic Magic by Chas. Eastman

Enthusiastic Magic
by Chas. Eastman

This work by noted magic author and dealer Chas. Eastman contains 11 great effects and tips for performers of all skill levels. We think this could be the best value in magic today. Contributors include Tommy Tucker, James D. Taylor, Val Evans, Harry Valcarte, and more.

You'll learn audience-tested mentalism and magic routines including The Triple Mystery, Poker Prestidigitation, Genuine Bill in Cigarette Mystery, More...

Fantastric by Bob Hummer

by Bob Hummer

From the title, you'd guess that this is a fantastic trick. It's not. It's a MIRACLE of psychic entertainment! FANTASTRIC is an incredible demonstration of apparent ESP ability, performed with nothing more than a borrowed deck of playing cards! More...

Jim Sherman's FLASH LITES by Jim Sherman

by Jim Sherman

This book is crammed with 40 entertaining routines, tricks, gags and effects using flash paper and flash bills. Not just tips and suggestions, but actual effects are explained in step-by-step fashion, making them easy to learn and add to your act.

Routines include Tragedy with a Borrowed Deck, Flash Stab, Counterfeit Detection, and many more...

Futuristic Foursome by Clever and Thompson

Futuristic Foursome
by Clever & Thompson

Four mind-blowing card miracles with a mental flavor. Long out of print, this manuscript is now available to a new generation of performers. More...

Gamblers' Tricks with Cards by J.H. Green

Gamblers' Tricks with Cards (Revised Edition)
by J.H. Green

Scores of street scams, swindles, and card table ruses are explained in this 163 page book, guaranteed to separate a sucker from his money just as quickly today as when this tome was first written in the mid-1800s. Don't read this book to cheat -- instead, get it for protection so you don't become a victim! A fascinating study, filled with accounts of colorful, larger-than-life characters. Some were victims, others turned the tables and made suckers out of the swindlers. More...

Here's Magic by Nelson Hahne and Joe Berg

Here's Magic
by Nelson Hahne and Joe Berg

When one of magic's most clever minds teams up with an award-winning magician and illustrator, you know the result is going to be great magic that plays strong and is so clever that even magicians are fooled.

There is literally something for every performer within these 96 pages. Effects with cards, coins, silks, a gambler's monte effect using a single matchbook, club magic, a stage illusion that predates Copperfield's Statue of Liberty vanish ...More...

Highlight Magic by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic
by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic contains nine top flight effects for close-up, parlor, and stage from a world class magician.

You'll learn The Spirit of the Cobra, The Atomic Penny, Think Stop, Reversed Misdirection, Centerise, and others More...

Hindu Magic by Hereward Carrington

Hindu Magic by Hereward Carrington

The magic of India comes to life in Dr. Carrington's colorful look at the fables, feats, and magic of the mystical fakirs of India.

You'll learn the inner workings of the Basket of Death, Mango Seed to Tree, Buried Alive illusion, Flying Rabbit, the Dry Sands Trick, the Beans and Scorpion Trick, Snake Charming, and more.

How'd Ja Do That? by Julien Proskauer

How'd Ja Do That?
by Julien Proskauer

Card miracles for parlor, platform, club and stage, as well as effects that will garner free publicity if performed for newspaper editors and reporters. Learn the inside secrets of professionals, including some excellent false shuffles, cuts and mental effects. PLUS, the digital edition includes important corrections not included in the original, limited edition print book, that now bring the effects into the miracle class! more...

How It's Done (Revised Edition) by Edward A. Litzau

How It's Done
by Edward A. Litzau

This privately printed gem contains some of the best card marking inks, daubs, shading and blockout inks ever. The luminous reader formula is explained, too, as is a method to produce short or narrow cards that doesn't require a card trimmer! Also includes modern alternatives to some chemical and dye-based compounds, making it easier than ever to obtain professional results in the privacy of your home workshop. More...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann

King Koko
by Professor Hoffmann

Your audiences will love this amusing farce about a colorful King, his beautiful daughter, her fairy godmother, and the two suitors that are trying to win her hand in marriage. Along the way, 20 magical illusions are performed that add to the enchanting tale.

The effects are taught in Hoffmann's clear, concise style with 27 illustrations. More...

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