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At the Table by Neal Elias

At the Table
by Neal Elias

This quality volume contains 13 must-have card presentations and sleights, plus a no-sleight effect for the close-up entertainer.

Neal Elias was a confidant of Ed Marlo, Lin Searles, and other world class card experts... More...

Be Deceived by Louis Lam

Be Deceived
by Louis Lam

Subtitled "Card magic that is different," here are a baker's dozen tested and proven card effects that your audience will enjoy. Card discoveries, mental mysteries, and audience participation effects are all included in this gem of a book. More...

The Berland Book of Routines by Sam Berland

The Berland Book of Routines
by Sam Berland

Take your magic to the next level by incorporating one or more of Berland's beautifully choreographed routines into your act. This is magic that makes audiences, booking agents, and club owners sit up and take notice.

Not just one or two, but eight separate routines, using items already owned by most magicians. The performances are well-thought out, clearly described, and with 147 illustrations... More...

Between the Acts by Jimmy Ray

Between the Acts
by Jimmy Ray

These is commercial magic at its best, suitable for performance on TV, in bars, casinos, night clubs, and corporate events.

Jimmy Ray, a top-flight pro, reveals nearly two dozen of his favorite effects and routines with cards, coins, dice ... More...

Call the Witness by Gunther & Fleischman

Call the Witness
by Gunther & Fleischman

Here are 22 funny, irreverent, off-beat magic and mentalism effects and ideas that are sure to get you noticed! Rarely does a book come around that's as much fun to read as it is to perform. This is just such a book. It could be the best $4 you spend all year! More...

Cardially Yours by Al Baker
Cardially Yours
by Al Baker

Contains seven superb mental-flavored card miracles from Al Baker, past Dean of Magic for the Society of American Magicians. Your audiences will enjoy watching them as much as you will enjoy performing them.

Effects include Color Flight, Out on Location, Al Baker's Stacked Deck, More...

Clearly Mental! by B.W. McCarron

Clearly Mental!
by B.W. McCarron

Eleven entertaining mental routines, including a subtlety used by one of America's most prominent performers to ensure that a beautiful woman is selected as a volunteer! Inside these 58 pages, McCarron explains not only routines, but 30 additional ideas for coming up with your own custom-crafted effects. More...

Comedy Magic by George McAthy

Comedy Magic
by George McAthy

The book is packed full of smart writing, containing plenty of gags and patter which you will want to use; all of it clever and laugh producing. Several complete magic effects and routines are also included.

"Well worth purchasing," says the Sphinx magazine. We agree. Excellent magic and top-flight laughs that'll score big with any audience. more...

Cut the Cards by Martin Gardner

Cut the Cards
by Martin Gardner

The 17 effects contained in this collection can be performed with an unprepared deck. Never again be caught without a trick to demonstrate!

Included are A Close Fit, The Unconfused Joker, Double Vanish and Recovery, Use Your Head, A New False Cut, X-Ray Touch, More...

The Dr. X Book

The Dr. X Book
by Dr. X (Edited by B.W. McCarron)

Imagine paging through the Nelson Enterprises catalog and discovering a book that lays bare the methods to dozens of mental, psychic and spirit medium effects. Nelson called it the "opportunity of a lifetime" to purchase this book. Now updated and featuring over 60 illustrations missing from the print edition ... More...
Effervescent Effects by Julius Hopkins

Effervescent Effects
by Julius Hopkins

Here's a book that belongs on every magician's digital book shelf. Inside are 48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers. One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator.

"Dollar Discernment" is also exceptionally clever as a mental test. We believe entertainers will make great use of it for those situations where they are asked to perform and have no props with them. Good stuff! . . .More...

Enthusiastic Magic by Chas. Eastman

Enthusiastic Magic
by Chas. Eastman

This work by noted magic author and dealer Chas. Eastman contains 11 great effects and tips for performers of all skill levels. We think this could be the best value in magic today. Contributors include Tommy Tucker, James D. Taylor, Val Evans, Harry Valcarte, and more.

You'll learn audience-tested mentalism and magic routines including The Triple Mystery, Poker Prestidigitation, Genuine Bill in Cigarette Mystery, More...

Jim Sherman's FLASH LITES by Jim Sherman

by Jim Sherman

This book is crammed with 40 entertaining routines, tricks, gags and effects using flash paper and flash bills. Not just tips and suggestions, but actual effects are explained in step-by-step fashion, making them easy to learn and add to your act.

Routines include Tragedy with a Borrowed Deck, Flash Stab, Counterfeit Detection, and many more...

Gamblers' Tricks with Cards by J.H. Green

Gamblers' Tricks with Cards (Revised Edition)
by J.H. Green

Scores of street scams, swindles, and card table ruses are explained in this 163 page book, guaranteed to separate a sucker from his money just as quickly today as when this tome was first written in the mid-1800s. Don't read this book to cheat -- instead, get it for protection so you don't become a victim! A fascinating study, filled with accounts of colorful, larger-than-life characters. Some were victims, others turned the tables and made suckers out of the swindlers. More...

Here's Magic by Nelson Hahne and Joe Berg

Here's Magic
by Nelson Hahne and Joe Berg

When one of magic's most clever minds teams up with an award-winning magician and illustrator, you know the result is going to be great magic that plays strong and is so clever that even magicians are fooled.

There is literally something for every performer within these 96 pages. Effects with cards, coins, silks, a gambler's monte effect using a single matchbook, club magic, a stage illusion that predates Copperfield's Statue of Liberty vanish ...More...

Highlight Magic by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic
by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic contains nine top flight effects for close-up, parlor, and stage from a world class magician.

You'll learn The Spirit of the Cobra, The Atomic Penny, Think Stop, Reversed Misdirection, Centerise, and others More...

Hindu Magic by Hereward Carrington

Hindu Magic by Hereward Carrington

The magic of India comes to life in Dr. Carrington's colorful look at the fables, feats, and magic of the mystical fakirs of India.

You'll learn the inner workings of the Basket of Death, Mango Seed to Tree, Buried Alive illusion, Flying Rabbit, the Dry Sands Trick, the Beans and Scorpion Trick, Snake Charming, and more.

How'd Ja Do That? by Julien Proskauer

How'd Ja Do That?
by Julien Proskauer

Card miracles for parlor, platform, club and stage, as well as effects that will garner free publicity if performed for newspaper editors and reporters. Learn the inside secrets of professionals, including some excellent false shuffles, cuts and mental effects. PLUS, the digital edition includes important corrections not included in the original, limited edition print book, that now bring the effects into the miracle class! more...

How It's Done (Revised Edition) by Edward A. Litzau

How It's Done
by Edward A. Litzau

This privately printed gem contains some of the best card marking inks, daubs, shading and blockout inks ever. The luminous reader formula is explained, too, as is a method to produce short or narrow cards that doesn't require a card trimmer! Also includes modern alternatives to some chemical and dye-based compounds, making it easier than ever to obtain professional results in the privacy of your home workshop. More...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann

King Koko
by Professor Hoffmann

Your audiences will love this amusing farce about a colorful King, his beautiful daughter, her fairy godmother, and the two suitors that are trying to win her hand in marriage. Along the way, 20 magical illusions are performed that add to the enchanting tale.

The effects are taught in Hoffmann's clear, concise style with 27 illustrations. More...

The L. W. Card Mysteries by Larsen and Wright

The L.W. Card Mysteries
by Wm. W. Larsen and T. Page Wright

The person who will be remembered as a magician is the one who can present an apparent MIRACLE, and this eBook gives you 21 ways to do just that with a deck of cards! None of the effects requires long practice or more than a modicum of sleight of hand. Many require little skill at all! Just a rehearsal or two and you'll be all set to amaze and entertain. This revised and expanded version includes new illustrations and ... More...

Advanced Magic by Joe Ovette

Last Train to Spookville
by Andrade and McCarron

A four-act spirit seance in a box! A bell placed in a wooden cabinet rings out answers to questions. A handkerchief takes on life and moves about the cabinet, even flying outside! A pair of slates reveals an answer to a thought-of question. For a finale, spirit writing appears on three sheets of paper in a fruit jar, placed inside the cabinet in plain sight. The spirits describe the results of psychic tests and also provide a description of one of the audience committee! More...

Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do by David J. Lustig

Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do
by David J. Lustig ("La Vellma")

Until now, this hard to find, limited edition book has been available only to collectors, selling for up to 150 times its original price.

This is terrific book for those who wish to entertain their friends or business associates with clever magic that leaves a lasting impression. Over 50 excellent, impromptu effects to show friends, family and others. more...

Magic Maestro Please by Solomon Stein

Magic Maestro Please
by Solomon Stein

Whether you perform on the stage, platform, or for more intimate audiences, there's sure to be something you can use in this terrific book.

Fourteen effects in all are described, including an incredibly effective stage illusion that you can build yourself in an afternoon (pictured on the front cover). More...

Magic Miracles You Can Do by Magic World Publishers

Magic Miracles You Can Do Pitch Book Publishing Kit
by Magic World Publishers

Here's a beautiful, 24-page booklet of easy-to-do, entertaining magic stunts for you to sell at your performances and on your website, with YOUR NAME on the front cover as author!

Customers will flock to your sales table to pick up a copy of this book, or you can use them as gifts for your best clients. Being an author adds prestige and is worthy of adding to your press kit ... More...

The Magic of Kli Ban by Louis E. Clibanoff

The Magic of Kli Ban
by Louis E. Clibanoff

This long-lost work contains eight marvelous effects for magicians everywhere. There are mental-flavored mysteries (including a dictionary test and a billet mystery), a vanishing flower from buttonhole effect, and several card tricks of the miracle class where the magic seems to happen almost entirely in the spectator's hands.

Copies of the original manuscript are so scarce as to be virtually nonexistent.... More...

Magic That Perks! by Harry E. Cecil

Magic That Perks!
by Harry E. Cecil

When an internationally-known funnyman-magician writes a book with his pals, you just know the result will perk you up! And that's just what you'll get with "Magic That Perks" - great magic with comedy patter that your audiences will love.

In these 140 pages you'll find magic with cards, coins, rope, mental effects and ... More...

The Magic 36 by Wm. S. Houghton

The Magic 36
by William S. Houghton

Within these 134 pages are 36 professional caliber effects, completely described in plain language.

Not just magic, but mental and psychic demonstrations, too. The effects and routines include apparatus tricks, mental stunts, spirit writing, predictions, magazine and book tests, thumb ties, and tricks with cards, silks, coins, cigarettes, billiard balls, sponge ball and a terrific rope routine. More...

Modern Miracles in Magic by Richard W. G. Van Ray

Modern Miracles in Magic
by Richard W. G. Van Ray

No matter if you're an amateur, semi-pro, or make your living from magic, there's gold in this book for performers of every ilk. Seventeen effects in all are included, ranging from card tricks to mental tests, to geek magic (such as you'd find in a carnival sideshow) and even a full-fledged illusion! More...

Nelmar's Inside Secrets by Anthony Nelmar Albino

Nelmar's Inside Secrets
by Anthony Nelmar Albino

A pro stage performer opens his vault of treasured miracles, revealing his favorite magic and psychic effects, plus secrets to get your act booked!

As Nelmar, the author entertained thousands with his stage hypnotism, magic and psychic act. He reveals his favorite effects, ranging from mentalism to card effects to sleights with coins. But that's not all! Nelmar also reveals important business aspects, including how to get booked, how to make "cold" calls, and even two samples of letters he used to get more gigs! More...

Not Primigenial by Montandon & Wait

Not Primigenial
by Roger Montandon & Logan Wait

Liven up your act with 26 laugh-provoking magic and mental effects, stunts and bits of business. Especially good is "It's a Matter of Money," which is based on an Annemann principle that uses paper money. It's one you will want to put in your act right away. more...

Original Ideas in Magic by Lloyd W. Chambers

Original Ideas in Magic
by Lloyd W. Chambers

A master magic craftsman reveals some of his most prized effects! Lloyd W. Chambers is well-known in magic and collector circles for having built some very fine examples of the conjuror's craft for the likes of Thayer, Abbott, and his own Chambers Magic Co.

This ebook details the inner workings of 26 magic effects, many offered for sale individually in dealer catalogues for prices far exceeding the price of the entire book! More...

Sideshow and Animal Tricks by Hereward Carrington

Sideshow and Animal Tricks
by Hereward Carrington

Step right up, folks! See Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy, the Wild Man of Borneo, the Fire-Breathing Man, and that's just for starters! Learn the inner secrets of the sideshow including fire walking, animal training, ventriloquism, special stage effects, and even the inside secrets of the professional card sharps. More...

Silk Creations by Joe Ovette

Silk Creations
by Joe Ovette

Stage magician Joe Ovette reveals the inner workings of his famous silk act in this 77-page book. You'll find productions, vanishes, color changes and more. Ovette also provides several pro secrets that are worth $20 each to any worker. Routines include Sensational Flag Production; Unusual Silk Combination; Silk Blowing; Aurora Borealis; Silk Transpo; Revamped; Silk and Roses; Educated Goldfish; More...

Silken Secrets by Geo. DeLawrence

Silken Secrets
by Geo. DeLawrence

Silks and scarves add color and glamour to any magic act. Audiences will fall in love with your presentation of the Dancing Handkerchief and other effects described and explained. DeLawrence also includes an entertaining, 15-minute silk act that uses the very methods shown in the book. More...

Spirit Rope Ties by S. W. Reilly

Spirit Rope Ties
by S. W. Reilly

The Spirit Rope Tie, long a staple of bogus spirit séances, is a great way to add fun, humor and mystery into your act. Whether played "straight," recreating a vintage spirit séance, or as a comedic effect that gets funnier with each repetition, any of the rope ties included in the book is strong enough to be a reputation maker for you. In fact, the very first tie described offers a lightning fast, instantaneous release, despite the knots being tied by an audience volunteer! More...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann

Stretching A Rope
by Milbourne Christopher

What a fantastic effect! The performer exhibits a three foot length of rope and mysteriously begins to S-T-R-E-T-C-H it to an unbelievable 20 feet.

Completely revised, these greatly enlarged instructions include BOTH of Milbourne Christopher's exclusive methods for stretching a rope to many times its original length. No hidden reels, magnets, or special rope needed. Regular, soft cotton magician's rope works fine for this. More...

Theatre of Blood by Dr. Doom

Theatre of Blood
by Dr. Doom

Make your next Halloween party or haunted house an event to remember!

Dr. Doom reveals secrets of his Theatre of Blood professional haunted house attraction. Illusions, effects, costuming, makeup, sound effects and more are discussed. Everything you need for a successful and scary house of horrors. Newly revised, with nearly 20 pages of new content, including new sections on merchandising, new scenes and attractions and ... More...

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks by Arthur P. Felsman

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks
by Arthur P. Felsman

Here's a clever book of after-dinner magic to entertain friends, business associates, and even total strangers. Written by a famous Chicago magic dealer, the effects run the gamut from close-up miracles to routines for club and platform. You'll find entertaining matrix effects, cut and restored mysteries, mindreading experiments, and much more. Includes a very nice two-person mental act that could be the hit of your next corporate show, banquet, or awards dinner.... More...

Three Publicity Trix by Howard P. Albright

Three Publicity Trix
by Howard P. Albright

As a thank you for supporting Magic World Publishers, we are pleased to offer a FREE PDF digital manuscript, containing three top-notch gems of mystery by Howard P. Albright. Good tricks in themselves, yet they also get you free advertising each time you perform them. More...

Tricks for the Few by Lance Charles

Tricks for the Few
by Lance Charles

This book contains ten tricks, using cards, a magic wand, rope, and other items associated with the magic arts. Most of the effects require no special apparatus. What little is needed can easily be constructed.

Modern performers will really enjoy the card rise, where the action takes place with a borrowed deck! Also of interest is "Through the Five-Spot," an impossible solid-through-solid effect where a card visibly melts through the center of the magician's wand. . . .More...

Tricks With Prepared Cards by Donald Holmes

Tricks With Prepared Cards
by Donald Holmes

Here are 19 clever and entertaining card magic miracles with prepared cards. The Rising Cards, 'Triangle' Cards Across, the Four Ace Trick, an X-Ray Pack effect, and more, are all clearly explained.

Explained are several amazing principles involving prepared cards, with ingenious ideas for their use. Also included, with special permission, are several creations by Ford B. Rogers, which were published in this book for the first time.... More...

Twelve Tricks With A Borrowed Deck by Martin Gardner
12 Tricks With A Borrowed Deck
by Martin Gardner

Here are a dozen quality card magic effects that can be performed with an unprepared deck at a moment's notice. Most of these miracles rely on just one or two sleights. Crisp illustrations by Dr. Harlan Tarbell. The Sphinx raved about this work, calling it a collection of "twelve excellent tricks." more...

Video Magic by Brett McCarron

Video Magic
by B.W. McCarron

Use your VCR or Blu-Ray player as a video prediction chest! Add amazing, audience-tested effects to your act, including French Postcards, Jokers Wild, Batter Up!, Break the Bank, Headlines of the Past, Mental Shopping, Lucifer's Lexicon, Movie-ola, Mental Lottery, and many others. Billy McComb, Genii magazine columnist, said of this monumental work, "Some of you will make reputations with this!" More...
Wiles of a Wizard by Ward the Wizard

Wiles of a Wizard
by Ward the Wizard

One of New York's busiest magic and psychic entertainers reveals the best of his audience-tested effects in this fascinating book.

This is not just a book for magicians. Several outstanding mentalism demonstrations are also included. These are effects that work and will get you repeat dates! More...

Wiles of a Wizard by Ward the Wizard

The World's Fastest Card Trick
by Joe Karson

Here is a complete, hilarious act where the spectator and the magician seem to be working at cross purposes. A simple take-a-card effect goes seriously wrong, and gets funnier and funnier as the performer tries to straighten it out!

An act all by itself, this is a laugh riot for magicians, emcees, comedians, public speakers — anyone who wants a ten-minute laugh-filled piece that audiences will long remember. More...

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