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Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do by David J. Lustig (La Vellma)Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do
by David J. Lustig ("La Vellma")

Here's a terrific book for those who wish to entertain their friends or business associates with clever magic that leaves a lasting impression.

Until now, this hard to find, limited edition book has been available only to collectors, selling for up to 150 times its original price. Now introduced as a convenient, digital ebook, Lustig's work will baffle a new generation of audiences with feats of magic and mindreading.

Over 50 excellent, impromptu effects to show friends, family and others. While most of the effects require practice, the instructions are clear enough that even younger magicians can present baffling magic that will puzzle audiences of all ages.


  • Publisherís Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Opening Lecture
  • The Obedient Card
  • So Simple!
  • Numerical Oddities
  • Magical Weighing
  • A Bit Oí Byplay
  • Magic Silk Knotting
  • Eddieís Delight
  • Mystic Coin Stunt
  • Slap Happy
  • A Baffling Watch Trick
  • Where Did It Go?
  • Siís Card Balance
  • Will Power
  • Mysterious Sound Waves
  • Rising Coin
  • Mysterious Catch
  • Siís Wandering Card
  • Vanishing Silver
  • The Airplane Ace
  • Just in Fun
  • A Neat Coin Trick
  • Mesmerized Cigar
  • On Wings!
  • Mysterious Silk Vanish
  • Mental Detective
  • Discovery of Four Cards
  • Family Reunion
  • Restored Postcard Trick
  • Coin of Mystery
  • Vanishing Card
  • La Vellmaís Card Location
  • The Mint Trick
  • Prescience
  • Mesmerized Wand
  • Dice Trick
  • Divination
  • Detective Work
  • More Mystery
  • The Wizard Trick
  • Haroldís Spirit Card Effect
  • A Puzzler
  • Siís Numerical Experiment
  • Egyptian Wool Mystery
  • Magic Figure Juggling
  • Magic Reflection
  • The Magiís Match Trick
  • Dollar Bill and Lemon Trick
  • Elimination
  • The Mystery Card
  • Silent Thought Transference
  • Magnetic Touch
  • Message Reading
  • Telephone Telepathy
  • When Darkness Reigns
  • Mental Telepathy?
  • Card Telepathy
  • Siís Parlor Telepathy
  • Some Final Advice
  • About the Author

"This book is truly a multum in parvo of magic that anyone can do. Cards, coins, dice are made to do all sorts of stunts."

PDF format. Expanded reprint of the 1920 limited edition. Includes numerous edits and updates; completely reset in crystal clear type. 66 pages. ($4 US)

Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do is available for purchase at


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