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The Mentalist's Manual by Robert A. Nelson

The Mentalist's Manual
by Robert A. Nelson

Do you want to be a professional mentalist? This authoritative textbook shows how to enter this interesting and highly profitable profession. With clear, step by step instruction, Nelson outlines the correct procedure, from start to finish. These booking and routine-building secrets will also prove immensely valuable to the semi-pro and professional, too. more...

Modern Miracles in Magic by Richard W. G. Van Ray

Modern Miracles in Magic
by Richard W. G. Van Ray

No matter if you're an amateur, semi-pro, or make your living from magic, there's gold in this book for performers of every ilk. Seventeen effects in all are included, ranging from card tricks to mental tests, to geek magic (such as you'd find in a carnival sideshow) and even a full-fledged illusion! More...

Electronic Three Card Monte

Electric Three Card Monte
by B.W. McCarron

This fiendishly clever electronic bandit allows the performer to play a game of 3 Card Monte with a pair of spectators. Everything is fair, yet when the players push the buttons that correspond to the cards they've drawn, the performer always wins! More...

Phenomenal ESP Perception by Robert A. Nelson and Bob Tripp

Phenomenal ESP Perception
by Bob Tripp and Robert A. Nelson

A masterful demonstration of Extra Sensory Perception wherein five different spectators prove their psychic ability. Packs small and plays BIG!

A fast, clean and awe-inspiring mental effect with a terrific impact. more...

Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do by David J. Lustig

Magic and Mindreading Tricks You Can Do
by David J. Lustig ("La Vellma")

Until now, this hard to find, limited edition book has been available only to collectors, selling for up to 150 times its original price.

This is terrific book for those who wish to entertain their friends or business associates with clever magic that leaves a lasting impression. Over 50 excellent, impromptu effects to show friends, family and others. more...

The Secrets of Dr. 'A' by Robert A. Nelson

The Secrets of Dr. "A"
by Robert A. Nelson

Here is one of the finest—if not the finest—methods of giving private readings and (apparently) reading the minds of others. For answering individual questions or to publicize your ability as a mindreader—anywhere—this is the method you have been looking for. No mechanical devices, no assistants, no stooges. Not to be used for illegal purposes.more...

How'd Ja Do That? by Julien Proskauer

How'd Ja Do That?
by Julien Proskauer

Card miracles for parlor, platform, club and stage, as well as effects that will garner free publicity if performed for newspaper editors and reporters. Learn the inside secrets of professionals, including some excellent false shuffles, cuts and mental effects. PLUS, the digital edition includes important corrections not included in the original, limited edition print book, that now bring the effects into the miracle class! more...

With the Eyes of Dr. Reese by Robert A. Nelson

With the Eyes of Dr. Reese
by Robert A. Nelson

Here is a miraculous, "test conditions" billet reading method that is both fiendishly clever and imminently practical. Leave it to the fertile brain of Bob Nelson to develop a billet test as good as this!

Long unavailable, this is the caliber of top-notch mentalism or pseudo-mediumistic reading that will create a sensation wherever it is performed. Dr. Reese made headlines coast to coast with his billet readings. Now you can, too! more...

Mysteries of the Seance by 'Anonymous'

Mysteries of the Seance
by "Anonymous"

The "tell-all" book that reveals the innermost secrets of "office" and seance mediums! You'll learn the secrets of "Blood writing," creating ghostly apparitions, spirit slate writing, seance exhibitions, ballot tests, and many, many other pseudo-mediumistic stunts.

Recommended reading for mentalists, psychic entertainers, magicians, haunted house operators, paranormal investigators and clients of office mediums. more...

PROTECTION: The Sealed Book by Joseph E. Meyer

PROTECTION: The Sealed Book
by Joseph E. Meyer

An underground classic, this insightful text contains full details of gambling devices and methods used by professionals to beat and cheat casinos and other players.

Includes gambling systems that sold for as much as $25 each. These are also detailed, in the original author's own words, plus his added commentary. Learn Little Jim Forrester's $25 Secret for Winning with Fair Dice and other cheats and scams including rigged carnival and gambling games, lotteries, stock market swindles, bucket shops, gambler's secret codes, horse racing, marked cards, and more...

Sensational Effects by Robert A. Nelson

Sensational Effects
by Robert A. Nelson

In this volume, Nelson lays bare the mentalist's most closest guarded secrets. A choice collection of sensational effects that will not only puzzle the layman, but will baffle the mindreading profession, as well.

Answer questions that have not been written down, but merely thought of, with no plants or confederates. Give a spectator's birthdate, address, phone number, etc., which spectator retains and never allows out of their possession . . . .More...

Mystery of the Gyrating Tables by Robert A. Nelson

Mystery of the Gyrating Tables
by Robert A. Nelson

Bob Nelson reveals his famous "Mystery of the Gyrating Tables" presentation, complete with opening lecture. Using ordinary, unprepared tables and no apparatus whatsoever, the tables tip, teeter, wobble and gyrate around the room or stage in the craziest fashion. No stooges or confederates are employed at any time. . .More...

Tricks for the Few by Lance Charles

Tricks for the Few
by Lance Charles

This book contains ten tricks, using cards, a magic wand, rope, and other items associated with the magic arts. Most of the effects require no special apparatus. What little is needed can easily be constructed.

Modern performers will really enjoy the card rise, where the action takes place with a borrowed deck! Also of interest is "Through the Five-Spot," an impossible solid-through-solid effect where a card visibly melts through the center of the magician's wand. . . .More...

Effervescent Effects by Julius Hopkins

Effervescent Effects
by Julius Hopkins

Here's a book that belongs on every magician's digital book shelf. Inside are 48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers. One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator.

"Dollar Discernment" is also exceptionally clever as a mental test. We believe entertainers will make great use of it for those situations where they are asked to perform and have no props with them. Good stuff! . . .More...

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