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Gambling Tricks with Cards by J.H. Green Electric Three Card Monte
by B.W. McCarron

"Step right up, folks, and take a chance. Columbus did, and look what he found! Somebody's gotta win - it might as well be you!"

EFFECT: A handsome wood cased device is displayed, with three prominent push buttons on top and a light in the center. The performer explains that this is an old Three Card Monte game, played in saloons and back alleys in the days of the Wild West. Two spectators are invited to step up and share in the fun.

Three cards - an Ace, two and a three - are removed from a normal deck. The three cards are shuffled and dealt out to two players and the performer. Each participant is invited to put a dollar (or play money) in the "pot." The machine is placed on top of the bills. Each spectator then presses the button on the machine that matches the card he's dealt. The player that pushes the switch that lights the lamp wins the pot. It couldn't be simpler, but the performer's card is the winner!

Can be repeated twice more, with the stakes doubled each time. The performer wins every time — or can select which spectator will win, as the outcome is under the performer's control at all times.

With the included routine, the performer allows the spectator to deal and still, the spectator loses. The spectators may even pick out the cards they want, and the performer wins again!

Can be played with a single spectator, who gets TWO cards - TWO chances to win - and they still lose! "And now you've learned a lesson about the evils of gambling," says the performer, as he returns the winnings to the participants.

The secret is in this clever electronic device, plus the subtle handling explained in the included four-page routine. Leave this on your desk as a prop, where it will invite curiosity. Always ready to work.

You'll treasure having this fiendishly clever electronic bandit in your collection. For entertainment use only - not to be used for gambling purposes.

This remarkable device and routine is designed, produced and available only from us. Each unit is hand assembled and tested in the USA.

$99.99 (plus $9.99 shipping and handling)

IMPORTANT: this offer is valid for shipments to USA addresses only. Payments from non-USA addresses will be returned. Sales tax added to orders from WA state residents.

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