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The Dr. X Book by Dr. X (edited by B.W. McCarron) The Dr. X Book
A Magic World bestseller!

Imagine paging through the Nelson Enterprises catalog and discovering a book that lays bare the methods to dozens of mental, psychic and spirit medium effects.

Robert A. Nelson called it the "opportunity of a lifetime" to purchase this book.

Mark Henry, Billboard magazine reviewer, said "It contains an expose of routines, apparatus and deceptions resorted to by mediums, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and crystal gazers; also additional tricks. The explanations are very clear and easy to follow."

The book has been completely reset in new type, with edits by fellow mentalist B.W. McCarron. Now featuring over 60 illustrations missing from the print edition, as well as other new material.

PDF format. 240 pages. Originally published in 1924 as The Other Side of the Footlights. ($8 US)

The Dr. X Book is now available for purchase at


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