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Confessions of a Medium by Robert A. NelsonConfessions of a Medium
by Robert A. Nelson

There has never been such a complete and thoroughly accurate exposé of the inner workings and guarded secrets of the professional medium, psychic and healer.

Describes how fake psychics get their certificates, making them immune from police interference. How anyone can obtain such a certificate. Explains how mediums and psychics work in "closed" towns so city authorities can't touch them.

Includes sample ads as used by the phony seers, fake diplomas, how and where the psychics get their business, and how mediums can even work spare time and still make big money.

Shows how the psychic obtains secret facts about the subject. Learn the secret, no-assistant method of providing a remarkable Life History reading that is customized for the client.

Also included is a complete explanation of THREE of the cleverest and most subtle Billet and Private Reading Tests EVER devised. These are used extensively by a chosen few of the "old school" Spiritualists. Now publicly exposed for your protection!

Don't take our word for it--check out what the experts are saying:

Walter A. Turning says:
"I have examined the [Nelson] books and I am very satisfied with them. 'Confessions of a Medium,' particularly, contains material that I can use."

Mrs. May Amundson says:
"I am well pleased with the book, Confessions of a Medium, which I purchased from you."

Are you a Nelson collector? This book was listed as No. 29 in the Nelson Enterprises catalog.

PDF format. 54 pages. Magic World eBook expanded and corrected reprint of the original 1958 edition, also includes new, updated content. All text has been reset in crystal-clear type. ($8 US)

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