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Call the Witness by Gunther & Fleischman

Call the Witness
by Gunther & Fleischman

Here are 22 funny, irreverent, off-beat magic and mentalism effects and ideas that are sure to get you noticed!

Rarely does a book come around that's as much fun to read as it is to perform. This is just such a book. It could be the best $3 you spend all year! More...

Comedy Mentalism Volume 1 by Robert A. Nelson

Comedy Mentalism Volume I
by Robert A. Nelson

Here are 96 pages of top-notch material for mentalists, magicians, and psychic entertainers. There's something here for every performing occasion, including a complete two-person comedy act by Bob Nelson and a complete comedy Talking Skull routine by George McAthy.

PLUS: A BONUS OF THREE PSYCHIC GEMS! These three serious routines alone are worth more than the price of the complete book for any mentalist. More...

Comedy Mentalism Volume II by Robert A. Nelson

Comedy Mentalism Volume II
by Robert A. Nelson

Based on the success of Volume I, here's an even bigger book, crammed with funny bits of business, comedy routines, laugh-out-loud effects and more from Nelson and his friends. PLUS: TWO BONUS CHAPTERS! 116 pages in all!

There are gems here for mentalists, magicians, and entertainers of every ilk. There's even a chapter on amusing, true situations that have befallen pro mentalists such as Bob Nelson, Alla Rageh, Phillip Morris, More...

Dr. Q's Comedy Hypnotic Act by Thayer Studios

Dr. Q's Comedy Hypnotic Act
by Thayer Studios

Imagine being a stage hypnotist, being able to hypnotize a group of audience volunteers and presenting a hilariously funny performance. Well, now you can!

This system allows you to have instant control of a committee of audience volunteers on stage. By applying the information in this routine, you'll learn introductory tests to weed out the smart-alecks and keep the best subjects. Along the way, the hypnotic tests get funnier and funner . . . More...

Dr. Q's Simplicity Mindreading Act by Thayer's Studio of Magic

Dr. Q's Simplicity Mindreading Act
by Thayer's Studio of Magic

A fair and convincing 10-minute act of apparent mindreading. It looks so authentic that you may be tempted to claim genuine psychic powers. "Excellent!" raves noted dealer Max Holden. More...

Electronic Three Card Monte

Electric Three Card Monte
by B.W. McCarron

This fiendishly clever electronic bandit allows the performer to play a game of 3 Card Monte with a pair of spectators. Everything is fair, yet when the players push the buttons that correspond to the cards they've drawn, the performer always wins! More...

Jim Sherman's FLASH LITES by Jim Sherman

Flash Lites
by Jim Sherman

This book is crammed with 40 entertaining routines, tricks, gags and effects using flash paper and flash bills. Not just tips and suggestions, but actual effects are explained in step-by-step fashion, making them easy to learn and add to your act.

Routines include Tragedy with a Borrowed Deck, Flash Stab, Counterfeit Detection, and many more...

Funny Stuff! by Jimmy Muir

Funny Stuff!
by Jimmy Muir

Want to be the life of the party? The one audiences count on for a good laugh? Jimmy Muir reveals how you can, too, with hilarious gags, one-liners, and good-natured heckler-stoppers that you can put to immediate use. More...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann

King Koko
by Professor Hoffmann

Your audiences will love this amusing farce about a colorful King, his beautiful daughter, her fairy godmother, and the two suitors that are trying to win her hand in marriage. Along the way, 20 magical illusions are performed that add to the enchanting tale.

The effects are taught in Hoffmann's clear, concise style with 27 illustrations. More...

Magic That Perks! by Harry E. Cecil

Magic That Perks!
by Harry E. Cecil

When an internationally-known funnyman-magician writes a book with his pals, you just know the result will perk you up! And that's just what you'll get with "Magic That Perks" - great magic with comedy patter that your audiences will love.

In these 140 pages you'll find magic with cards, coins, rope, mental effects and ... More...

Not Primigenial by Montandon & Wait

Not Primigenial
by Roger Montandon & Logan Wait

Liven up your act with 26 laugh-provoking magic and mental effects, stunts and bits of business. Especially good is "It's a Matter of Money," which is based on an Annemann principle that uses paper money. It's one you will want to put in your act right away. more...

KING KOKO by Prof. Hoffmann

Stretching A Rope
by Milbourne Christopher

What a fantastic effect! The performer exhibits a three foot length of rope and mysteriously begins to S-T-R-E-T-C-H it to an unbelievable 20 feet.

Completely revised, these greatly enlarged instructions include BOTH of Milbourne Christopher's exclusive methods for stretching a rope to many times its original length. No hidden reels, magnets, or special rope needed. Regular, soft cotton magician's rope works fine for this. More...

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