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Marshall Bluesbreaker BB-2 pedal   

"A truly valve-like overdrive that's so rich in 2nd order harmonics it'll make your guitar gently weep"

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The Bluesbreaker II (BB-2) is another in the new series of guitar effects pedals by Marshall. Like the other models in the line, this unit is issued in a sleek, metal housing that looks as good as it sounds. It is more than a reissue of the 1990's Bluesbreaker pedal, this one adds more tonal variety and lots of gain!

Marshall claims the BB2 is like having two pedals in one. A hot boost to give your solos that extra lift, and an overdrive that is rich in 2nd order harmonics so it sounds just like an overdriven tube amp.

The Bluesbreaker II uses four knobs to provide the following controls:

  • Mode - Boost (new to the BB-2 -- bypasses all controls except Volume) and Blues
  • Drive (active in Blues mode)
  • Tone (active in Blues mode)
  • Volume

BB-2 logo badge

The pedal features a passive bypass foot switch, preferred by many purists since it eliminates any trace of the effect when the unit is clicked out of the circuit. This is an especially important consideration when using an overdrive pedal: when you click the pedal off, you want no residual buzz in the signal. The BB-2 is powered by a 9 volt battery, and also features an external 9 volt DC input jack and status LED.

The February, 2000, issue of Guitar Player magazine calls the BB-2 "... an astounding overdrive pedal that provies soulful, no-nonsense boost and smooth, old-school distortion." The same article gave this pedal the maximum rating for workmanship -- it's built to take it!

Want to hear how great this pedal sounds? Click here for MP3 audio examples of the Bluesbreaker II (BB-2).

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