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Get More Out Of Your Band Practice and Rehearsal Time

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  1. Be comfortable. The old line about "leave your worries on the door step" apply here. Do whatever it takes to be comfortable while practicing. Maybe that means you eat a meal beforehand, or you show up to practice fifteen minutes early so you don't feel pressured. Or you bring an electric fan to keep cool (or a thermos of coffee to warm you up). Or you put on a pair of comfortable shoes and turn off your cell phone before you walk through the door. You know the material. Your gear is in good mechanical and electrical condition. You play an instrument that you know like the back of your hand. The sound level is right. The PA system sounds great -- especially the mix of your vocal mic.

  2. Get to know each other. Have a band meeting at a restaurant, or plan a picnic where you can invite the family members. The idea is to grow together as a musical family. Photo shoots are an example of an opportunity that get the band away from your respective comfort zones. Take a bus, or carpool to a different city or town. Not only will the different surroundings make for great backdrops and photo ops, but the time spent together will help the band to know each other as human beings (not just musicians).

  3. Have fun! Once you feel comfortable with your band mates, and know what subjects are taboo, you can start to reap the benefits by having fun with one another. Maybe it's a joke you tell before or during practice. Or bringing an old piece of crap musical instrument for "show and tell." Or playing a prank on a fellow band member (or having one played on you!). Remember the first two Beatles movies? Or the Monkees TV show? It ain't all fun and games, but adding humor to the mix makes for a more enjoyable practice, a better live show, and can keep the band together longer.

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