Brett's music gear sell-out

2004 Paul Reed Smith McCarty Hollowbody II with PTC Upgrades

A very nice and unique PRS McCarty Hollowbody II model. This was special ordered from the factory with jumbo 6100 stainless steel frets. Maple top and back. Piezo bridge. In 2011, the original owner had the PRS tech shop ("PTC") replace the original Archtop pickups with their infamous 57/08s, and also install a split coil switch. Now it provides four absolutely killer sounds without having to use any outboard gear. First, you get the 57/08 tone, which many feel exactly captures Duane Allman's tone from his vintage Les Paul. Secondly, you can split the coils of the humbucking 57/08s, providing less gain, which allows subtle nuances from the neck and hollow body to shine through your signal. Third, you can harness the sonic clarity of the piezo bridge, providing a very acoustic-guitar like tone with the famed playability of a Paul Reed Smith. Lastly, you can combine the 57/08 pickup (split or unsplit) with the sound of piezo bridge.

Looks and sounds killer. Excellent condition. Would be near mint, except for one small scratch near the lower f-hole. Original Artist case and hang tag included, as well as paperwork for the PTC pickup and wiring work. Over $700 of work was performed to make this one of the most sonically exciting Paul Reed Smith models I've been provileged to play.

$3250 shipped in the lower 48. Sorry, but I don't ship out of the USA.

Hi-Res photos:


  1. Front
  2. Front closeup
  3. Back
  4. Back closeup
  5. Headstock front
  6. Headstock back
  7. Headstock top
  8. Bird inlays (1)
  9. Bird inlays (2)
  10. Left side (1)
  11. Left side (2)
  12. Left side (3)
  13. Right side (1)
  14. Right side (2)
  15. Right side (3)
  16. Piezo jacks
  17. Bottom edge
  18. Scratch

Case, Case Candy

  1. Hard case (top)
  2. Hard case (side)
  3. Hard case (opened)
  4. Case candy
  5. PTC Work Orders
  6. Hang tag

I have numerous positive references at TGP, VR and eBay. For purchase arrangements, contact me via email at Thanks for looking.