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1990 Paul Reed Smith CE Bass (Rare!)

1990 Paul Reed Smith CE Bass (Rare!)

A very desirable and quite rare first year CE Bass IV that's not only a vintage collectible but also a great playing and sounding instrument in its own right. Triple pickups on the front with a fourth dummy coil pickup on the back for hum cancelling. Active preamp can be engaged or not, with the flip of a mini switch. Schaller tuners. Massive cast bridge for great sustain. Lots of figuring in the maple top. Small neck heel. Solid alder body, rock maple neck. Rosewood fingerboard. Rotary pickup switching gives the following combinations: Middle pickup only; Bass pickup only; Treble and middle pickups; Treble and bass pickups; or Treble pickup by itself. "Deep" switch adds extra depth below normal bass frequency.

Produced for only two years (1990-91), prices for these basses have shot through the roof lately. PRS hard case is included. I would call this very good condition, with some wear spots on the body (see photos). One in this condition recently sold online for $2795. My price is even better than that. This would look great in your collection, or hang it on the wall for instant "street cred" at your recording studio.

$1,999 shipped in the lower 48. Sorry, I don't ship outside the USA.

Hi-Res photos (click again once they load to zoom in):

  1. Front
  2. Front closeup
  3. Back closeup
  4. Headstock front
  5. Headstock back
  6. Headstock top
  7. Left side (1)
  8. Left side (2)
  9. Left side (3)
  10. Left side (4)
  11. Right side (1)
  12. Right side (2)
  13. Serial Number
  14. Bottom edge
  15. Wear (1)
  16. Wear (2)
  17. Wear (3)
  18. Wear (4)

Case, Case Candy

  1. Hard case (top)
  2. Hard case (side)
  3. Case candy

I have numerous positive references at TGP, VR and eBay. For purchase arrangements, contact me via email at Thanks for looking.