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Magic Trick Instructions for Download
(Arranged by Title)

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Need the instructions for your favorite magic trick or mental effect? Get them from House of Mystery!
All instructions are supplied in convenient PDF file format.

Title Maker Pages More...
Dancing Cane plus Cane to Silks Fantasio 2 Details
Dancing Handkerchief Generic* 1 Details
Deland Automatic Deck Deland 4 Details
Delben Magic Blotter Delben 2 Details
Deluxe Cake in the Hat Morrissey 1 Details
Diamond Monte Generic* 1 Details
Diana's Spooky Spoon Zimmerman 4 Details
Double Exposure Ireland 4 Details
G Powder (Slush Powder) 1 Details
Gem Busters Magic Workshop 1 Details
Ghost Spots Guaranteed 1 Details
Glass of Water From Napkin Generic* 1 Details
Glorpy Madblood 4 Details
Goofy Glasses (Prism Type) Sterling 1 Details
Grandpa's Spectacles Generic* 2 Details
Harbin Table, Acrylic Sullivan 1 Details
Haunted House by Larry Becker Alco 1 Details
Hoo-Coins Sherms 1 Details
Lippincott Coin Box Magic World 2 Details
Menge's Tricky Tumbler (MAK) 1 Details
Nail Twist by Ken deCourcy Supreme 2 Details
Needle Thru Balloon Loftus 1 Details
Needled Balloon Wand Magicraft 1 Details

* If the maker shown above is "Generic," there is no brand or company name on these instructions,
so they'll work for most any manufacturer's effect that uses the identical props.

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Purchases will be fulfilled in the form of Adobe PDF files. You must obtain the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view or print the file(s).

The purchase of any instruction files from this site involves a magical secret which must be kept from the general public. The material offered herein is sold subject to the condition that it will not be lent, sold, or exposed to the general public. As with any magic trick, all sales of instructions or merchandise from this site are final. These magic secrets cannot be returned for refund or exchange. In case of download error or site unavailability, the file(s) will remain available for 30 days from date of original purchase. All magic effects should be performed under adult supervision.

Note that these directions are as issued by the original manufacturer and assume that you already own the particular trick or effect that they refer to. They are not intended for you to reproduce the effect yourself if you do not already own the physical props.

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