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Magic Trick Instructions for Download
(Arranged by Title)

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Need the instructions for your favorite magic trick or mental effect? Get them from House of Mystery!
All instructions are supplied in convenient PDF file format.

Title Maker Pages More...
Blow-Van Billy Day 1 Details
Boo-Boo Bar Generic* 1 Details
Booby-Trap Poker Hal Sparks 2 Details
Book of the Mind Peter Warlock 1 Details
Break-Thru Grant 1 Details
Bullet Catch by Dave Lovsen Golden Gate 2 Details
Calculating Genius Jonathan Todd 5 Details
Candy Factory Robbins 1 Details
Candy's Dandy Mike Shelley 1 Details
Card Case Tenyo 1 Details
Card Castle Irv Cook 1 Details
Card Catching Device MAK 1 Details
Card Designs by Henri Stull 4 Details
Card On The Line Philadelphia Magic 2 Details
Card Reveal Pen Tony Spina 2 Details
Card Warp Walton 4 Details
Cards and Coins Berland 3 Details
Cards from the Ether (Manuscript) Burling Hull 4 Details
Cards to Matches to Cigarette to Silk Routine Chanin 1 Details
Ceylon Strip Ireland 4 Details
Challenge Wallet Supreme 2 Details
Chan's Laundry Ticket Vintage 1 Details
Change Bucket Grant 1 Details
Changing Spots Adams 1 Details
Check-er-X MAK 1 Details
Checkers Thru Silk MAK 1 Details
Chinese Flame Clock Massey 4 Details
Chinese Sticks Adams 1 Details
Ching Soo Fire Cracker Petrie-Lewis 1 Details

* If the maker shown above is "Generic," there is no brand or company name on these instructions,
so they'll work for most any manufacturer's effect that uses the identical props.

Page 1 [2] 3 4 5


Purchases will be fulfilled in the form of Adobe PDF files. You must obtain the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view or print the file(s).

The purchase of any instruction files from this site involves a magical secret which must be kept from the general public. The material offered herein is sold subject to the condition that it will not be lent, sold, or exposed to the general public. As with any magic trick, all sales of instructions or merchandise from this site are final. These magic secrets cannot be returned for refund or exchange. In case of download error or site unavailability, the file(s) will remain available for 30 days from date of original purchase. All magic effects should be performed under adult supervision.

Note that these directions are as issued by the original manufacturer and assume that you already own the particular trick or effect that they refer to. They are not intended for you to reproduce the effect yourself if you do not already own the physical props.

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